I realized that this page had become a bit out of date, so I removed everything and will be starting fresh. Here are a few projects I have been working on.. My professional website. Like many of my sites, it is a work in progress.

Casino Pier Web Store I work yearly to maintain/upgrade the web store used by Casino Pier (in Seaside, NJ). We run OSCommerce[1], which is an open source, PHP base ECom solution. Each year they need some additional mods/changes implemented for their Easter Sale[2].

Casino Pier Consignment Casino Pier (in Seaside, NJ) wanted to offer discount tickets to employees of local companies. The site above is the site that connects directly with their shopping cart solution to verify the consignment code they entered.

Get Outside NJ will allow users to search for things to do outdoors in and around NJ. There is a membership area, an ECom solution (that allows businesses to purchase a listing), and much more. It is currently in the initial phases of development, but I would recommend visiting the site in the next few months to see my progress. Or better yet, sign up for the Newsletter, or follow us on Twitter.

Marmur Appraisals This is a simple site for a local appraisal company that was looking for a web presence. will replace the old SMART website sometime this year. It will be used to communicate important information out to the SMART volunteers. - This was the staff website for Breakwater Beach in Seaside, NJ. They use this site to communicate with others, check their schedules, request time off, post pictures, share in a forum and many other ways to communicate throughout the company. - ProjectBill is a home grown content management solution (CMS) that I use to run multiple client and personal websites. - This is a catering site of an amazing local chef. We have not officially "launched" the site yet, but you can still go there and click around. - This site allows the parents of children going to specific schools in central NJ a way to order their school lunches online. - This is/was the main site for a pretty good metal band from New Jersey named Severance. I think they have made some changes to their lineup recently, but they have not let me know how that affects this site.

Foot notes :

[1] = OS Commerce is an open source ECom solution. Visit them at

[2] = Every year over Easter Weekend, Casino Pier (Seaside Heights, New Jersey), Jenkinson's Breakwater Beach Waterpark (Seaside Heights, NJ), and Jenkinson's - Boardwalk, Rides and games (Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey)