This is my site..

About Me:

My name is Jeff. I am from central NJ, looking to see what life brings my way. I have a few hobbies that make me sound rather boring, but I am not. I love being outdoors being active or just relaxing under a tree. I have been getting into photography more and more. I like to use my camera to capture the places I have explored.

I dig computers as well. I am a computer programmer. I like my career, and love my current job. I work in Ewing,N J for a company doing web development. I have been dabbling in getting my own web development business together, but it hasn't really been a main focus of mine just yet.

My Music:

I have been playing drums for a good amount of years now. I have been in a few local bands that had a bit of a following. Divination back in high school (like 1995=98). And then Carbon 14 from 2001-02. I haven't really been getting into anything since I moved into my last apartment in 02. I just wasn't able to dedicate the time a band needs since I didn't have a way to practice on a daily level. So its been put off now for a few years. I jammed with people on and off, but nothing that resembled a band. I am going to start going to the local rehersal hall once a week for a few hours to practice and get back into this stuff. Plus music is just such an awesome outlet for me its rough not having it around.

Contact me:

You could always send an email to Definitely the easiest way to find me.