Photo News..

1/10/2010 Nearby Locations to your current location
I have added a new section to most location pages that will now display in both a list and on a map all the nearby locations. I hope this will help people know what is around the area a bit better. There are also a few other changes coming in the next few weeks.

12/24/09 Comments are back.. comment away!
I HATED not having comments on this site. I recently found a free comment service and placed it onto the site tonight. You'll see the ability to add comments on a photo page, and each location page. Comment away!

12/1/09 Sharing has never been easier
I have started to add a widget around the site that will make it easier for people to share the page directly with social networking sites, through emails, add bookmarks, etc. On every page you will see something like this: Click on it too see all the sharing options.

3/06/07 Published Pictures, and a second site!
So I decided to try and get my pictures out there a bit more then I have in the past. I uploaded a lot of pictures to in hopes of some new people enjoying my pictures.

1/21/07 Pix I still need to add..
SO I just wanted to add an update in here letting everyone know that I am trying to get through the final few picture galleries I have. They are both Rather big galleries. I have the Yellowstone pictures to get through. Thats a total of 3800 pictures, and I don't know how to get them up here. And I have the Pittsburgh Thanksgiving pictures to get up too. So please check back in a week or so. I would love to have them both done!

6/28/06 New Photos and my Other photos site..
SO I have been REEEAAAALLY pushing hard the last few days to get through allll the pictures from OCT that I have not yet posted. There are a lot. I will leave it at that :) But I should have them up soooon!

I also started work on a new "professional" website. I am far from a professional. But I wanted a place to show off some of the better new pictures I have taken. I will post a link once its ready!

12/15/05 Get Notified! Sign up for our mailing list!
A lot of people want to know when I add in new pictures and new galleries. So I figured I would develop a mailing list and send something out once or twice a month whenever I have a few new things to share. To get onto the mailing list, follow this link.

10/6/05 Rate pictures with the stars!
I have added an easy way to rate the images. All you now have to do is click on the star rating and thats it! Your vote is sent! Just look for this when viewing an image!

Please please please leave comments and rate every picture you enjoy! The more feedback we get the better :)

10/3/05 TONS of new pictures!
I have placed SOOOOOOOOOOOO many new galleries/pictures up. Don't just look through the ones on the main page. Click on the Events and Trips link and see everything new!

And don't forget to leave comments! :)

8/01/05 More pictures! But when?!
I have tons of new pictures I have to put up. A trip to Detroit.. camping/hiking for the weekend.. some pictures of Allaire Village.. its all coming! Check back in a few days!

7/11/05 New Feature- Comment on images
I have added a new feature to the albums. You are now able to leave comments and rate the images. So share ANY thoughts you may have about the picture you are checking out. And give pictures a rating too!

7/10/05 New Feature- Share images with friends
Now you can share pictures with your friends via email! If you see a picture you like, use this feature to let someone else take a look at it.

Commenting/Ratings will be coming soon. Keep an eye out for it.

6/24/05 Pictures have been added
I have added most of all of the old galleries into my new system. I am still a long way off from launching this site, but its getting there.

6/18/05 Photo Gallery Started!
The new photo gallery has officially been started! I hope to get this site up and running within the next few weeks. We'll see!